Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some Fabulous Footwear

If you're looking for a little something different for your wedding shoes, consider these amazing sandals from SandalWorld.

I originally saw this pair in one of the various wedding magazines lying around my house: 

But then I found these while browsing the site: 

These are phenomenal for a casual wedding, or for someone who just doesn't like heels. Or how about for the reception? You KNOW your feet will thank you!

This pair is so glam, and would be such a cool and unexpected addition to a floor length wedding gown. Who would expect it? 

I love the starfish ones for a seaside wedding (because it is SO hard to walk across sand in heels). And besides, who can resist a starfish (certainly not I)? SandalWorld has these cuties in pretty much all the colors of the rainbow if you want to match your sandals to your colors. 


I must admit that I have quite the soft spot for candles and candleholders. What's not to love? Candlelight makes everyone look even more beautiful, and candleholders can do double duty as table decorations and favors. The only downside: some venues won't allow them because of the pesky fire hazard. 

Ignoring those people, my heart leapt when I saw this adorable holders: 
They would be PERFECT for a beach themed wedding or a rehearsal dinner. A dockside oyster roast lit by these on the table? Yes, please! 

If you have to have them, order them here.

MIddleton Plantation and Drayton Plantation

Rounding out our Charleston plantation venues are Middleton Place and Drayton Plantation

Middleton has several different locations where you can have the ceremony, including my personal favorite, the Wedding Oak:

Nothing says "Lowcountry Wedding" like exchanging vows under a massive live oak tree!

Or, if you prefer, you can marry on the front lawn in front of the main house (sheep not included). I saw a Charleston Weddings magazine article on a couple who had a destination Great Gatsby-themed wedding on the front lawn. Amazing!

Another option is Drayton Hall, the only one of the "major" plantations in Charleston that hasn't been completely restored. Although you cannot have your event inside the plantation house (as it's completely bare--no a/c, no lights, and in many cases, no windows), you can rent the entire property, set up a tent and have an incredible background for your ceremony and/or reception. If you'd like to rent the property just for the ceremony, it's $10,000, and you can have the ceremony and reception for $11,000. Chump change, right? 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Old Wide Awake Plantation

Sorry for the long hiatus--I just can't seem to keep up with everything I have to do these days! :)

Aaaannnd, we're back to the plantation theme today. If you're looking for something a little different, and a bit more off the beaten path than the other plantations I blogged about, consider the Old Wide Awake Plantation. It's a few 
miles outside of Charleston, so your guests will be able to use the Charleston area as their base while still enjoying the distinctly non-city atmosphere of this hidden gem. 
There's plenty of space for a tent if you wanted to have an outdoor reception, or you can use the first floor of the house for more of a homey feel. Can you imagine the great bridal party photos on the front steps and the front porch? 

Pricing is actually very reasonable for the Charleston area, and you have the use of the grounds and the house:
  • 1-100 people: $1500
  • 101-125: $1650
  • 126-150: $1750
  • 151-200: $2150
  • 200+: price arranged on a per event basis
And, in closing, a fun fact about the Plantation: Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were married here back in the day. Super glamorous!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some Yummy Morsels!

I just HAVE to deviate from my plantations today. I went to visit my parents, who live in Charleston, this past weekend, and while I was there, I went to Cupcake. YUM. You might think you've tasted good cupcakes in the past, but you've just been missing out, I promise. My favorite is the good ole favorite, vanilla cupcake with vanilla bean icing, followed closely by the pina colada cupcake. 

If I ever get married in the Charleston area, I am definitely having a Cupcake cupcake display instead of a traditional wedding cake. 

If you're interested in stopping by, there are two locations: one on King Street in downtown Charleston and another in Belle Hall Shopping Plaza off of Long Point Road in Mount Pleasant.

Oooh, now I'm craving a cupcake...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Magnolia Plantation

Continuing in the plantation reception theme, I'll present to you today another GORGEOUS venue in the Charleston area: Magnolia Plantation. Even if you aren't planning to get married and you're in the vicinity, I would highly recommend a visit here. It's that awesome. 

Anyway, onwards to the wedding-type stuff! 

Magnolia Plantation is in the West Ashley area, which is very easily accessible from the two main highways/interstates/roads/whatever-you-want-to-call-them in Charleston, 26 and 526. Despite its closeness to civilization, it's hard to believe that you haven't time traveled when you visit here. There are gorgeous gardens for your guests to walk around in before or after the ceremony: the original owner wanted to give his wife somethi
ng that would make her happy. And wouldn't a fully landscaped garden complete with live oaks, ponds and gardenias make anyone happy? 

The Veranda and Long Bridge Lawn

(L to R: the main house, Long Bridge lawn ceremony, Veranda re
  • The Veranda on the main house, which will accommodate up to 150 people. The only downside to this option is that the house is open to the public until 5 PM, so your reception must begin after that time. 
  • The Long Bridge lawn (mentioned above as a ceremony option) can hold up to 200 people. The same time restrictions as the Veranda apply here as well. 
Both of these areas have the same pricing: 
  • High Season: Monday-Thursday Night ($1500)/ Sunday and Friday Night ($2000)/ Saturday ($3000). High Season is considered from March through June and September through November. 
  • Low Season: Monday-Thursday Night ($1000)/ Sunday and Friday Night ($1500)/ Saturday ($2000). Low Season is considered as July and August, as well as December through February. 
Carriage House Lawn and Carriage House

(L to R: Carriage House exterior, Carriage House interior, Lawn by the Wedding Oak)

Here, you could have a daytime or nighttime event. There is different pricing for each time of the day, for particular days of the week and for which particul
ar season you plan on getting married in. So complicated! Can seat 150-175 guests for a formal sit-down dinner, or 250 for a buffet/appetizers set-up. 
  • Daytime events (Sunday-Friday): High Season ($1000). Low Season ($750).
  • Nighttime events: High Season, Monday-Thursday ($2000)/ Friday and Sunday ($2500). Low Season, Monday-Thursday ($1500)/ Friday and Sunday ($2000)
  • High Season Saturdays (at any point during the day): $5000
  • Low Season Saturdays (at any point during the day): $3500
  • The use of the Carriage House does include 10 round tables, 80 chairs, a homemade wooden bar and the use of the bridal cottage on the property. 

Conservatory and Schoolhouse Pond Lawn

(L to R: Conservatory patio overlooking the pond, Conservatory interior, Conservatory exterior)

50-75 people inside the Conservatory, or up to 200 if seated on the lawn. 
  • Daytime events (Sunday-Friday): High Season ($750)/ Low Season ($500)
  • Nighttime events: High Season, Monday-Thursday ($1500)/ Friday or Sunday ($2000). Low season, Monday-Thursday ($1000), Friday or Sunday ($1500).
  • High Season Saturdays (at any point during the day): $3000
  • Low Season Saturdays (at any point during the day): $2000
  • Table and chairs for 75 is included in the price. 
  • The Conservatory is a greenhouse, so it could get very, VERY warm during the Charleston summers. Just something to consider. 
Whew! If you're ready to book, the events package with all the pertinent contact info and details is right here.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Boone Hall Plantation

If you're looking to get married in or around Charleston, you've got a plethora of ceremony/reception options. I promise, I'll get to most (if not all) of the available venues in that area, but over the next few days I wanted to focus on the plantations that are available for rent. 

Perhaps you've always seen yourself as a Scarlett O'Hara type, or you've always dreamed of having your wedding in a really big, really impressive building. Either way, the South Carolina Lowcountry has several options. 

One of my favorites is Boone Hall Plantation. If it looks familiar, you've likely seen "The Notebook" one too many times. The house served as the summer home for Allie (Rachel McAdams) in the first half of the film. 

There are several ceremony sites, including the front lawn (you'd get married right where the photo focuses in on), and the back lawn (which has a great view of Horlebeck Creek). For a small reception, you could gather in the Butterfly Cafe, or for a larger reception, you could put up a tent on the back lawn. Another option for a larger party would be to rent the Cotton Dock (my favorite option). It's right on the banks of the creek, and many brides and grooms choose to make their grand entrance on a little motor boat. So cute! It's got a much more casual vibe than the other possible locations at Boone Hall. 

So what's a wedding here going to cost you?
Cotton Dock: $2000
Back Lawn: $3000
Front Lawn: $3000
Back Lawn and Cotton Dock: $4000
Front Lawn and Cotton Dock: $4000
Front Lawn and Back Lawn: $4500
Cotton Dock, Front Lawn and Back Lawn: $5500
The Butterfly Cafe: $600

Since a family actually lives at Boone Hall (LUCKY!), and since the grounds are open to the public during the day, your wedding cannot start until the site closes for the day (5 PM if you're using the Front Law or the Back Lawn). Set up for the Cotton Dock can occur anytime after 11 AM the day of the event since the building's not usually open to the public. 

Like every good venue, Boone Hall has its own nuances: no tents on the front lawn, no music after 11 PM and no tables and chairs are provided, even in the Cotton Dock. And if you're planning a summer wedding for the Cotton Dock, you'll definitely want to rent some AC units, as it's heated but not equipped with air. Your guests will love you for the extra expenditure. 

For more pictures, check out this site. It showcases a wedding and reception that took place at Boone Hall's Cotton Dock. I'm swooning already.